What’s the smartest way to find marketing help?

Most smart SMBs find marketing support by tapping their personal networks for referrals. That’s a great idea, because it has a high probability of delivering reliable options and can save a lot of time and hassle. The biggest challenge though, is that the odds are slim that someone you know has a contact who has delivered on exactly what you’re looking for.

That’s what led to a new way to buy marketing services and software – a marketing buyer’s agent. If the concept sounds familiar that’s because it is basically the idea many of us know from real estate when shopping for a home. The buyer’s agent, whether of homes or marketing services, fully represents the buyer in dealing with sellers. The buyer doesn’t pay a thing and the buyer’s agent is only paid when business is successfully placed.

Buyer’s agents build extensive relationships in the field, which ensures they have more options in their network than most buyers do. Marketing buyer agents also work with potential buyers to gauge strategic direction in advance of recommending any services.

It’s important to ask questions when dealing with a marketing buyer’s agent to ensure they have sufficient depth in their network in the area you’re looking for. It is also critical to take the time to map out needs and strategy with your buying agent, so the right solutions are explored. This formality in process along with deeper networks is what makes use of a buyer’s agent an even better approach than the proven approach of personal referrals.

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